Saturday, October 19, 2019

Soupy Sales Has Risen from the Grave
Rats in your hair? Trump shows you how to get them out.
It's a reasonable fear, because if somebody yells, 
"Duck!" what are you going to do?
Mickey Roarke Sez:  "Do-it-yourself plastic surgery? 
It's not for sissies."
Inside the Devil's Triangle, Trump was looking pretty grim.
It's Stephen Bannon and The Falun Gong Show!
Catzilla On Acid
After Predator Was Domesticated
Are these Texas charmers wearing mums, or
are the mums wearing them?
Article III, Section 15 of Facebook's Community Standards
Policy Being Applied by Someone (Possibly Mark Zuckerberg)
 Wearing a Teleburqa
At the Trump rally in Dallas, Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress
 looked like he was auditioning for a part in Caged Heat.

Friday, October 18, 2019

When Trump Heard Johnson & Johnson Is Recalling
Baby Powder
Tulsi Gabbard wants to know why anyone would say
she's a 'favorite of the Russians'.
Zuckerberg Ahead! 
Take Evasive Action!
Aggie Overboard!
Fools Rush In Where Even Aggies Fear to Tread
Once thought impossible, Kellyanne Conways has gotten 

Thursday, October 17, 2019

What Benjamin Franklin Said
Dirty Bird
Amigo Down
Nancy Pelosi Doing Her 'Dirty Harriet' Impression
Two Piñatas Walk Into a Bar
Kevin Cramer Sez:  "There's great motivation to get
 Trump's impeachment done by Christmas."
Count Chocula's full-face transplant didn't
turn out quite as he had hoped.
The Saharan Silver Ant can hotfoot it through the desert
 at 2.8 feet per second or, scaled up to human proportions, 
at 400 MPH. That's the speed at which Trump is currently
trying to elude Nancy Pelosi.
Perennial Best Seller
Did you know there are only 70 shopping days until Catmas?
Has Trump lost his veeblefetzer?

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

When Trump showed Obama the monster he found at the
 bottom of the Deep State, Obama calmly pointed out that
 Gary the Snail had royal blood and was a second cousin of
Patrick Star.
A Voice Crying in the Wilderness
That Look You Get on Your Face When You Hear
 Trump Say, "They've got a lot of sand over there."
 Snooty Turkey Refuses to Meet with Pence
Trump Says Kurdish Women 'No Charlie's Angels'
Rude Turkey Snubs Pence
If you didn't know better, you might think Rudy Giuliani
and Igor Fruman are identical twins, except Rudy
wears glasses.
That isn't a Crow's Foot at the corner of Trump's eye;
that's a Raven's Foot.
David Correia, Giuliani Pal, Gets a Thumbs-Up from 
Another Giuliani Pal
Suck On It, Dickhead!
"Pompeo has prided himself in bringing the State
 Department’s 'guffaws back'."
The Person Who Always Speaks on the Condition
 of Anonymity
"The work of those 'Three Amigos', as they came
 to call themselves — diplomats Gordon Sondland
 and Kurt Volker, plus Energy Secretary Rick 
Perry — has come to light in recent days."
Did you know Mick Mulvaney keeps his eyes open
and his arms crossed when he prays?
Constitutional Amendments Made Easy
Kim Jong-un Doing His Teddy Roosevelt 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

John Bolton's cat is out of a job, too.  Sad!
World's Worst Yoobs #208
Ericka Andersen
Rudy Giuliani Sez:  "I know exactly where the money
 came from."
In the wild, there's nothing quite as fearsome as a
Spiteful Walrus.
And the Walls Come Tumbling Down
Joe Biden has only one Hunter.  Donald Trump has three.