Saturday, April 28, 2018

Maybe Rob Schneider will show us how an empathetic
 impersonation of Trump should be done.
Hand-kissing is not in Trump's playbook.
"There's a sad day coming, 
A sad day coming, 
There's a sad day coming by and by; 
When the sinner shall hear his doom, "Depart, I know ye not," 
Are you ready for that day to come?"
Steny Hoyer is a face of the Democratic Party and it
ain't pretty.
Paul Ryan has been and forever will be a political kludge, 
i. e., "a quick-and-dirty solution that is clumsy, inelegant, 
inefficient, difficult to extend, and hard to maintain."
Trump Sez: "But last night I did watch a liar, leaker, and
his performance, by the way, was horrible, and I will say 
this, Anderson Cooper was surprisingly tough, and he 
did a good job."
Boy oh boy, was he surprised when he learned his
Superego worked for ESPN!
Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #729
Patrick Colbeck

Friday, April 27, 2018

Adventures in Aestheticism #16
Scott Pruit doesn't look like an Okie and doesn't talk like an
 Okie. (He talks too fast and his voice is too thin and whiny.) 
Has anyone bothered to check his Okie papers?
Patrick Meehan (R-PA), Member of the House Ethics 
Committee,  Resigns to Avoid an Investigation into His 
Sexual Harassment Settlement
As wildlife photographer Marcio Cabral learned to his 
chagrin, one should never photograph an anteater when
 it is stuffed.
Christopher Cantwell Arrested for Drunkenly Re-Enacting
General Lee's Grand March Through Virginia
Don Blankenship, the Dark Lord of Coal, says the ghosts
of the 29 miners who died in his mines have endorsed 
him for membership in the Ninth Circle of Hell.
Yeezy, Patron Saint of Hypocrite-Hop
"Hey, North and South Korea, you can't denuclearize
without my permission and without thanking me!"
Trump Sez: "Kanye West performed a great service 
to the Black Community."
House Chaplain Pat Conroy Fired by Paul Ryan 
for Praying for Fair GOP Tax Legislation

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Fearguth's Rules of Order #66
If a Golden-Mantled Howler wants to groom the 
President of France, permit it to do so, but feel free
 to criticize constructively its grooming style.
Theopompus of Kochtopia
Scott Adams, Dilbert's God, Channeling
Kellyanne Kanye
The EPA administrator suddenly found himself surrounded 
by 535 members of Congress who were---gasp!---'politically
Adventures in Lexicology #24
Pompeosity (/pämˈē'äsədē/), n. Bumptious arrogance.
 [The Secretary of State was best known for his pompeosity.]
Pruitt Testifying on the Hill
The Candyman Bows Out
World's Worst Yoobs #199
Candace Owens
Life, real and unreal, is complicated.
REVEALED: When it's time for pay-for-play, Mick
Mulvaney flashes the sign of Twin Three-Eared Sphincters.
"I have nothing to hide. I'm utterly corrupt and 
everybody knows it."
Trump's Bible
Now in 31 Flavors!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

They Were Both Dragon Energy
Another Pizzagate? Anti-Gay Memories Pizza Parlor
 Is No More
Bridget Phetasy wore a Tucker Carlson
t-shirt in Los Angeles for a week before
someone said to her, "You must shop at
At the White House state dinner, Michael Kors® showed 
the world what's new for spring.
BREAKING: Two Birds Killed with One Stone
Trump Stands Behind Ronny Jackson
Like Little Egypt, Chris Christie walks, he talks, he
crawls on his belly like a reptile.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It was hard to tell if Kevin Williamson was crawling
out of the woodwork or crawling back in.
Warm Scuzzies #799
George Clayton
"You say, Mr. Pompeo, that if the Rapture occurs during your
term as Secretary of State,  you would have to step down.
Should your opponents view this as a calamity or a blessing?"
Whiteworld #56
In the words of Sarah Huckabee Sanders,  
"The problem itself is growing and getting bigger.” 
Old Stoner Age Icons Say Marijuana Is Out, Unpasteurized 
Dairy Products Are In
"I will fear no evil: for Gnome Chomsky
 art with me."
Natural Born Yeti Killer
Germany in 1938? No, America in 2018.
Jean-François Millet's Masterwork Gets an Update
Canine Humor

Monday, April 23, 2018

Nancy Magritte