Saturday, February 21, 2015

Adventures in Lexicology #12
O'Roué (o/ro͞oˈā/), n.  A debauched man, especially
 an elderly one. [Bill is an O'Roué who lies for
a living.]
"I am my own Toucan."
“Governor Walker, do you think that President Obama 
loves America?”
"I'm going to have to punt on that."
What Mike Pence Looks Like When He's Mulling a 
White House Bid

What He Looks Like When He's Not
"Liar!  Irresponsible guttersnipe!  Far left zealot!  
Corrupt!  Far left magazine!  Smeared me!  Low
 circulation!  Bottom rung of journalism in America! 
Defamation!  Garbage!  Spit this stuff out on the net!  
Couldn't care less about the truth!  They are in 
the business to injure!  This is a political hit job!  
Corn must think the folks are as dumb as he is!  
The despicable Franken! Perhaps the biggest liar 
I have ever known! A dishonest smear merchant!  
Wouldn't retract your false story!  Whew!  Being 
an invectivore wears me to a frazzle!"
"Yes, David Corn, you're despicable, and... 
and... and picable! And... and you're very 
definitely despicable. How a person can 
get so... so despicable in one lifetime 
is beyond me!"

Friday, February 20, 2015

Furniture Sex
"I actually love my mother, too,"  With these words, Jeb 
Bush joined all the other Mother-Lovers who live in the 
Oedipus Complex.
"My dad was Dumb and my brother was Dumber, so
who am I?  I must be Dumberer."
After listening to Jeb Bush's foreign policy
address in Chicago yesterday, somebody 
has already started collecting the next
generation of Bushisms.
Bill O'Reilly Sez:  "It is extremely important 
that the national media stop the corruption
 and begin telling the truth."
[Will O'Reilly and Fox News 
lead the way?]
In addition to being a moral leper, Rudy Giuliani is just 
plain ol' butt-ugly.  His face would stop a cuckoo clock.
We're so fortunate Barack Obama wasn't
 brought up the way Rudy Giuliani was.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!
Still Life with 81mm Mortar and Two Syrian Moderates
There's hope for Syria so long as there are moderate,
centrist rebels like these guys.
Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You #106
Dawn of the Planet of Idiocracy
Warm Scuzzies #533
Dr. Vesna Roi
Quasimodo shrank in horror at the thought of receiving
a face transplant, if the donor was Rudy Giuliani.
Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #614
Diane Douglas
Jeb Bush Defends Choosing Paul Wolfowitz to Be a
Member of His Foreign Policy Team, Says Wolfowitz
Is No Longer a Comb-Licker
"We hatters don't hate.  We're just mad."
There are plain ol' homophobes, then there are
Oklahomophobes, like Sally Kern.
"You made the right decision, Mitt.  Hillary would have
kicked your ass from here to Sunday."
Your Moment of Venn
Maudie McConnell Sez:  "If your homeland is
Kentucky, who gives a flip about security!"
The Red-Crested Tree Rat only attacks when it hears
someone say, "How cute!"
"Despite my multimillions, I'm turning browner by the
day.  Won't somebody please help me!"
His problem was simple:  He kept saying, "Jeb!"
but the people kept hearing, "Bush!"
Liberty Sí!, Libertarianism No!
Life's a Beach

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jeb Bush says, "I'm my own man."  Is that why 19 of his
21 foreign policy advisors also worked for his brother 
and/or his father?
"Bibi, people are saying we remind them of Bob and
Maureen McDonnell.  Is that good news or bad news?"
In a show of solidarity with Scott Walker, Dubya has
given back the two degrees he received from Yale and
Harvard, saying, "I truly believe God has forgiven me
for committing Elitism, the Eighth Deadly Sin."
That this picture of Jeb Bush has been photo-
shopped is obvious.  Everybody knows he doesn't
have the GOP logo tattooed on his left buttock;
it's on his right buttock.
"I love my father and my brother.  But I am my own man –- 
and my views are shaped by my own thinking and own 
experiences.  So, I today am making the case for something 
radically new in American foreign policy:  increased 
military spending."
On February 18, 2006, Bildungblog was born.
Nine years and 28,185 posts later, it's still
chugging along, carrying not too many
mysterious travelers toward some yet 
unknown destination.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Instead of taking coffee breaks, Bill O'Reilly would wrestle
 with the vexing question of how many Tinker Bells could
 dance on the tip of his index finger.
Many more people are going to Hell in a handbasket
than previously believed.
This month at CPAC, Duck Dynasty's
Phil Robertson will receive the
'Andrew Breitbart Defender of
the First Amendment Award'.
Queen Ati, Ancient Ancestor of Scott 
Walker, the Homunculus of Punt
World's Worst Yobs #323
Carl Horowitz
Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You #105
The Drone Hunter
Gene Alday (R-MS) Speaks Accidentally 'On the Record';
Is Quoted 'Out of Context'; Says, "I am definitely not a 
racist, at all,'; and Gets 'Redshirted'---All in Central
Standard Time
Got trolls?  Who you gonna call?
"Does anyone know the Heimlich Maneuver?  Senator
Paul has a lie stuck in his windpipe."
Bugsy Netanyahu
Do you suppose Bibi will give the same PowerPoint
presentation to the House of Representatives that
he gave at the UN?