Saturday, May 19, 2012

Big Bigots, Little Bigots #12
Andy Gipson
Flag Desecration #57
Two-Minute Haters #27
Mel Gibson
World's Worst Yobs #252
Matt Miller

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ken Bennett, Arizona's Republican Secretary of State, 
Reacts to the News That He Has Won the 'National
 Face of Birtherism Prize' for 2012
Better to Be Wanted for Bribery, Fraud, and Extortion
Than Not to Be Wanted at All
Rightbloggers and Other 
Internet Biohazards #123
The Right Sphere
 "I’m not familiar precisely with exactly what I said, 
but I stand by what I said, whatever it was.  Now,
give me a shake, and let's see what I say next. " 

Despite their heroic attempt to prevent the number of  
minority babies being born in the U. S. from exceeding the 
number of white babies, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had
fallen short, and the frustration they felt in their loins was 
almost palpable.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Poor Man's Rickets

Rich Man's Ricketts
Renaissance Humor
Warm Scuzzies #295
Ben Arredondo

In Shanghai, this is considered a 'slightly polluted' day.

This man believes Richard Nixon was a genius.

"Just act human, son, and you can become President of
the United States."
"Thanks, Dad, but you know I can't act worth a darn."

It would appear that 'Romney's Clinton Strategy' and 
'Clinton's Romney Strategy' both involve a goose 
in the caboose.
Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #388
Mike Coffman

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Warm Scuzzies #294
Franciscan University of Steubenville
When told that meatcutters had discovered a new
steak, the 'Las Vegas Strip', all the cow said was,
Why is it not surprising that Steve Vaillancourt (R-NH), who
wears black shirts and white ties, would also give the Nazi
salute and say, "Sieg Heil!" while addressing the New
Hampshire legislature?
Ghastly Monsters and Blond Giants #146
Robert Stacy McCain, 'Nice Deb', and Jim Hoft

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The existence of Beer Goggles had been rumored for a 
long time, but until the President of the United States 
gave a thumbs up, it was just another hypothesis.
"Looks like this kid needs a good dose of 
Noche de Moombahton."

"How did you guess?  It takes talent to become as
politically insignifcant as I am!"



"Gosh, I can't believe how much I hate Willie
the Penguin!  Kools really suck!"

"Good evening.  I currently have more followers on Twitter
than anyone else in the world and represent the latest
stage in the long history of human evolution.  I'm here to
announce that next year, the Twitter character limit will
be reduced from 140 to 80, thereby making it even easier 
for you to drop water balloons, figuratively speaking, on
 your religious, political, ideological, and personal enemies."

"Yes, I'm Eugene Volokh, a law professor
at UCLA, a popular blogger, and a
sharp-dressed man." 

Fred L. Smith, Jr., President and Founder of the Competitive
Enterprise Institute, is a rather empty-headed propagandist
for his corporate masters.  But, in all fairness, one has to 
admit he has a rather distinguished-looking beard and full
head of hair for a man of the Second Gilded Age.

Just moments after this photograph was taken, 
professional flagburner snuck up behind this mean-
looking dude, doused him with gasoline, set him on 
fire, and shouted,
To a bankster, like Jamie Dimon, 'civic morality' and 
'corporate responsibility' are meaningless concepts.  
He follows only one rule in life:  "Get as rich as I can
 as fast I can, so that I, like the Koch brothers, can
 spend the rest of my life using my wealth to push 
people around."
When you live in Mississippi, stereotyping 
is unnecessary.
Living in a Total Information Awareness State, as we all now
are, means that every American today is the star of his or 
her own reality show. We need to keep this in mind when 
the temptation arises to forget our audience, slack off, 
and become boring.
Eduardo Saverin, Co-Founder of Facebook,  'Goes Galt
and Renounces U. S. Citizenship, Becomes Hero of 
Superpatriotic Portuguese-Speaking Tax Dodgers
What is it with Richard Nixon, David Gregory, and
sweaty upper lips?

Rush Limbaugh Ditches Fourth Wife, Weds Bronze 
Likeness in Hall of Famous Missourians
Murdoch's Witch Charged with 'Perversion of Justice'

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pope Benedict Puts on the Whole Armor of God for
Toe-to-Toe Combat with the Girl Scouts
John Derbyshire Sez:  "White supremacy, in the sense 
of a society in which key decisions are made by 
white Europeans, is one of the better arrange-
ments History has come up with." 
Ron Paul Ends Active Campaigning, 
Enters Inactive Campaigning Phase

Rightbloggers and Other 
Internet Biohazards #122
I Own the World
Sorry, ladies, he's not glad to see you:  it's just
a pistol in his pocket.

Newsweek Editor Says Cover Picture of
Barack Obama Not Photoshopped

"Yes, children, this is not Orson Welles."
Reince Priebus Sez: "Gays Deserve
 'Dignity and Respect,' but Only 3/5ths
 as Much as Straights"
If he was hoping to evade airport scanners by having an
Al-Qaida operative surgically implant explosives in his 
love handles, the would-be terrorist still had a ways to go.
Somebody forgot the cheese.