Saturday, December 23, 2017

Warm Scuzzies #761
Danny McComas

It was not a good year for 
children to misbehave.

Bad Santa
Some say Corey 'The Buttslapper' Lewandowski's star is
 rising again.
All That Glitters Is Not Gold
"Barack Obama was inarguably the least Atlanticist
 President since the end of World War II," 
Noah Rothman said somniloquently.
Trump Fulfills Promise, Signs 'Killer Klown Reform
Act of 2017'
Admiral Ackbar Reflects on the Wisdom of Evolution

Friday, December 22, 2017

"Hey toots!"
Ambassador to the Netherlands Peter Hoekstra told a 
lie and then lied about the lie moments later.  Perhaps 
he should change the spelling of his surname to 
Hoaxtra.  No joaxtra!
Despite a warning from his doctor, Mike Cernovich is
still smoking turds.
Adventures in Aestheticism #3
"Ass-Kisser! That's fun to say! Ass-Kisser, Ass-Kisser,
How Judge Jeanine Stays Warm in the Winter
Mike Pence Sez: "You promised the American people 
that you would deliver historic tax cuts, and it would
 be a 'middle-class miracle'."
Paul Ryan and Steve Scalise Go for the Gold in
Projectile Verping Competition
Kyle Chapman (AKA 'Debased Sickman') Bail Revoked

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Read the book if you are interested in the 
perspective of a Putin pal, Russian citizen, 
part-time Bond villain, and lapsed
In PornWorld, this position is called 'Quadruple Penetration'.
Irate Parent Takes Names, Threatens to Cut Off 
United Nations' Allowance
"Trump's like an 11-year-old child," Steve Bannon
told his Benedictine High School buddy.
Capitol of USA, Inc.
Trumpniks Waiting for Trump's Next Tweet
Why Frosty Suffers from Anosmia
Do we need another reminder that we live in a 
Disposable Society?
"Quit grovelling!  Who do you think I am---Donald Trump?"
Trump Hails Passage of Tax Cut Legislation as 
Greatest Achievement in Hominid History
"I'm deeply humbled, as your Vice President, to be 
able to be here. As you know, I'm a long, long way
 from my home planet."
Pence Polishes Trump's Knob 14 Times
in 3 Minutes (or Every 2.5 Seconds)
Not since the Winklevoss Twins had the world
 seen such a Convergence of the Twain.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ben Carson left some words out of the prayer he led 
at today's meeting with Trump and his Cabinet. 
The words he left out are in square brackets.

"We thank you for the President [who once said 
I have an incurable pathological temper and 
compared me to a child molester]."
Wacko Matt Gaetz Sez: “He’s a hound. I mean, everyone in 
Tallahassee knows that Jack Latvala is an absolute hound. 
Jack believes that his power as a legislator gives him some 
special power with women.”
"Could you please clarify one thing, Senator Latvala: 
was it 'sex for donuts' or 'donuts for sex'?"
Wyatt Koch Sez: “My father said to me, ‘Wyatt, you can 
do whatever you want to in life. Just make sure you do it 
while wearing a loud shirt with moneybags all over it'.”
The World According to Trump
Mike Pence's Letter to Santa
Not to worry, Mary Franson. Forty years from now,
no one will dare claim to have had sex with you.
As a former a cappella Church of Christer, David French 
believes the label 'Evangelical' has become synonymous 
with 'Fundamentalist' and therefore should be jettisoned. 
So, what term does he suggest would better describe 
'serious-but-not-fundamentalist Protestants'? 'Christian'. 
Ah yes, that should certainly clear things up, as it has for 
the past 2,000 years. But what about Catholics and 
fundamentalists? Well, by definition, they couldn't
 be Christians, could they?

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Spill-Proof Potentate
Homer's Odyssey, 2017
I, RoboTrump
All that Disney's new animatronic Trump can say is 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Warm Scuzzies #760
Andrew Leonie
Junior Trump Gives Ted Cruz a Sneak Peek at His
Entry in Food Network's Cookie Wars
Warm Scuzzies #759
Bob Corker
Franklin Graham Sez: "Never in my lifetime
 have we had a President willing to take a 
strong, outspoken stand for the Christian
 faith like President Donald J. Trump has."
"Don't cast me out!  Kellyanne still needs me!"
Another Disturbance in the Farce