Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Why is North America where it is?
That's a good question. According to
the latest research, it's because North
America is on top of South America."
Presidential Lectern on Autopilot

If you own a cow, the least you can do is to wash it,
as this guy is doing. If you don't own a cow, that's the
least you can do.
President Bush prays often, but his prayers never
rise more than fifty feet into the atmosphere,
where they hit the 'You Gotta Be Shitting Me' barrier.
This is a Serbian Mind-Sweeper at work.
Will he find yours?

Some say circumcision is to blame for many social
and psychological problems in adult males.
All that young boys undergoing the procedure say is
Sri Lankans Making Obeisance to Jiminy Cricket
If you've never seen the Dark Side of the Force,
take a look at this.
There's more love expressed in this photograph of Elizabeth
and John Edwards than can be found in all of the movies
ever made in Hollywood.
Without warning, Hillary Clinton was struck by the polysemy
of the Stars and Stripes. Her reaction was to open her mouth
long enough to utter a provocative platitude, as was her want.
Pelusa the Dog had convinced Estefani and Leslie
he was the Big Wheel of Planet Barrow and should
be treated accordingly.
Here we see Palestinians being blasted by an Israeli water
cannon. If the Palestinians are the hosed, aren't the Israelis
the hosers?
It hath been said that Fearguth is all wet. The Incident
at Stone Creek Waterfall may help to explain why.