Saturday, January 16, 2021

"In online havens for MAGA extremists, a growing minority 
of the President’s once-devout backers are now denouncing 
him and rejecting his recent pleas for peace. Some have 
called for his arrest or execution, labelling him a 'traitor'
 and a 'coward'.”

And this one-third of the Republican 
Party will form a new political faction,
the Anti-Low-Flow Incandescent Party.

White House Adviser Peter Navarro Leaves the West Wing
 with an Autographed Picture of the Cookie Monster

The Zip-Tie Handcuff Collector

Has COVID-19 finally gone too far?

"Send me the pillow that you dream on
So darling, I can dream on it, too."

Like the Capitol Hill Insurrectionists who
 have been arrested, the fish just got caught
 up in the moment.

Lauren Boebert is understandably reluctant to 
go through the new Moron Detector installed
 in the U.S. Capitol.

Lauren Boebert Goes on 
Thousand Apologies Tour

Never before had so many ostriches been
choked in so little time.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Martin Luther Declares Statehood

MyPillow Guy Urges Trump to Impose
Martian Law

Ask Lauren about her Kobalt Blue Foam Kneeling Pad.

"Eager for a final taste of the pomp of being President, 
Trump has asked for a major send-off."

No Facebook, No Twitter?  Follow Trump on
Steampunk Etch a Sketch!

Nurse Ratched Was a Trumpnik

Once a Trump Junkie, Always a Trump Junkie

Patrick Maloney Sez (of Lauren Boebert):  
"If you’re going to be a gun nut, you probably 
shouldn’t go off half cocked."

Even before the Capitol Hill Insurrection, Lauren Boebert
had been arrested four times.  This is one of her

How much loathing does Ted Cruz need?

You get the impression that the Capitol Hill Insurrectionists
imagined themselves playing a hyperrealistic
video game.

Dick NeCarlo, Citizen Journalist
and Capitol Hill Stormtrooper

Repentant Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford 
Sorry That African-Americans May Have Misinterpreted 
His Opposition to Certifying Joe Biden's Election and 
Demanding an Audit of Swing State Votes; It Was “Never 
My Intention to Disenfranchise Any Voter or State,” He Says

When one watches a Trumpnik, like Jorge Riley, talk, one is
better able to understand the concept of Idiocracy.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

"Trump was upset generally that virtually nobody is 
defending him — including press secretary Kayleigh McEnany."

Matthew Kaminski, Editor of The Politico,
Sez:  "We rise above partisanship and 
ideological warfare."

Brandon Burden, Pastor of KingdomLife Church,
Urges Followers to Keep Guns Loaded, Stock Up on 
Food and Water Before Biden Inauguration

Now a Major Motion Picture!

John Eastman Takes Early Retirement,
Receives Bad Wubbish Award

Today's Modern Trumpnik

The cost of being a GOPer in Congress goes up.

It must have been one of those
solid gold Porta Pottys.

Carrying the Confederate flag through the
nation's Capitol was hard work.  So, Kevin
Seefried took a short break.


Leaving the GOP at age 83 almost sounds like a
deathbed conversion.

Trump Stiffs America's Mayor

America Fiddles as Trump Burns

"Sorry, Kayleigh, but you're too late.  insurrectionist Cosplay
 Day was last week."

Six months ago, Senator Tom Cotton called for invoking 
the Insurrection Act and sending troops to quell 
“cadres of left-wing radicals like antifa”.  Today, the 
Senator from Arkansas won't vote to convict someone
 who ordered an actual assault on the nation's Capitol.

Of course Tom Cotton won't convict.
He's a co-conspirator.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist Klete Keller Netted
for Making Splash at Capitol Hill Insurrection

"I have the best impeachments.  They're YOOOGE!"

Shut out of social media, Trump re-invents the telegraph.

If justice is done, Marjorie Greene will soon be wearing
a 'Censured' mask.

"I wonder what it is you see with 
those Crazy Eyes."

When someone from your own political party and from
a neighboring state describes you as 'Literal QAnon
Lady', you must be Marjorie Taylor Greene.

On your list of things to be thankful for, what number
is the end of Mike Pompeo's Reign of Error as
Secretary of State?

Grogu New Poster Boy for Muscle Milk

Ghastly Monsters and Blond Giants #203
Kristin Nagle and Sarah Choujounian

Warm Scuzzies #1,002
Robert Keith Packer