Saturday, November 07, 2020

May Be Too Intense for Younger Slashers

They Looked On, As the Grass Grew Under His Feet

"Anderson Cooper Says He Regrets Calling Trump 
a Flailing 'Obese Turtle'" 
[As you can see, Trump is not flailing.]


The Duffer

The Hits Just Keep On Coming!

"Sieg <OOOF!>"

Donald Trump, Jr. Sez;  "Oops!"

Blue and Green Never Looked So Good

Warning!  Schadenfreude Overload!

And, even sweeter, Trump loses!

Trump's Three-Eared Sphincter
Takes Command

When Mark Meadows Heard It Was His Turn in
the COVID Barrel

Friday, November 06, 2020

Who Has Been Selected to Sit Trump 
Down to Explain the Election Results?

They Were Inundated by a 
Tidal Wave of Sadness

"But, you ARE the manager!"

Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #835
Clay Higgins

Narcissus Sacked

Trump Demythologized

Warm Scuzzies #981
Adam Laxalt

Now that Lincoln apparently won't have
to cope with Trump anymore, he can
focus his attention on zombies.

Overtaken by Events

"Hey, Abe, you can come out now!"

Sorry, No More Sneakin' McSally Through the Alley

If he loses the election, Trump could always spend his
last years touring America in the Access Hollywood bus.

Is America getting on the road to recovery 
from its anal fixation?

Trump in 'Uncontrollable Rage'

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Warm Scuzzies #980
Scott Walden

Angels Are Being Dispatched from Africa
Right Now

Paula White, Trump's Witch Doctor, 
Speaks in Tongues During Prayer 
Broadcast to Defeat His Opponent

Martyr Humor

Is time running out for Trump?

One thing's for damn sure:  it's harder to
say, 'My Fellow Americans', than it
used to be.

Was this the guy who wrote The Joy
of Septuagenarian Sex?

Litigation has taken the place of sex in
Trump's old age.

Trump Tries to Stop the Count

"Sorry, sir, but even if Biden has won, masks are 
still required."

Mood in Trump White House Today

Don't Bring Phallic Symbols to a Knife Fight

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Trump Doing His Harry Truman Impression

Loved Ones

Trump Vows to 'Go Down Fighting'

Jesus's Last Zoom Meeting

Pathetic Lump of Flesh

The Sound of One Turd Flushing

Head Cheese (aka Souse)

So far, 70,766,841 Americans are 'stealing the election'
from Trump.  But wait, there will be more!

One version of reality is where sane people live.
The other version of reality is where 
Trumpniks live.

The Decoupling of the Bottom Feeders

Nice Kitty