Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring is here, so it's time for
Fearguth to head to the 
Festival.  As a consequence,
he will be offline until
April 14.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Republican Governor's Star Suddenly Less Scientific
Isn't it fascinating how today's Republicans attack Democrats
 for behaving like yesterday's Republicans?  Example: 
"Senate GOP Slams Democrats for Using 'Watergate-Era 
Suspicious Vehicle Near White House Investigated
If you meet a four-year-old on the road, 
consider him armed and dangerous.
You can always tell an 'Accidental Racist' by the
funny hat he wears.
Rescued Hiker Hallucinated Monty Python Attack
"There are days when politics just gives me the sheets!"

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Warm Scuzzies #383
William Lee Blakely
As you can see, Mitch McConnell is really 
'bugged' by the 'political left'.
"The Maggie I Knew"
World's Worst Yobs #283
Steve Moore

Monday, April 08, 2013

Klaatu had begun to suspect that when he wasn't looking,
Gort the Robot became Sparky the Wonder Penguin.
Calling All Hagiographers!  The Iron Lady Is Dead!
Warm Scuzzies #382
Lt. Gen. Craig Franklin
Flying Spaghetti Monster Robs Bank Using
Pasta Sauce
Jenna Jameson has hands like Ann
Coulter's.  Definitely Not of this

Sunday, April 07, 2013

"Hey, I would like to sing you a love song, like
'I've Got You Under My Skin'.  But like an Egyptian
mummy, I'm pressed for time.  So see you later, 
Beyoncé Knowles-Carter (aka Beyoncé) and Shawn 
Carter (aka Jay-Z) Miraculously Survive Visit to 
Cuba; Two Republican Legislators from Florida 
Outraged, Claim It Made Their Butts Itch
Suppose that St. Peter, instead
of dying upside down on a cross 
(as tradition has it), had been
an African-American who
died upside down by
lethal injection.  Wouldn't
that throw a wrench into
the gears of Catholic
Iron Man Sez:  "The suspense is killing me!  What's 
keeping us from starting the 2016 presidential race 
[It's certainly not the people who imagine
themselves living three years in the future,
is it?]
Remember the Good Ol' Days when the future Governor 
of Georgia and his son---armed with baseball bat and re-
volver---could chase an African-American man with
impunity?  "Can't," you say.  Well, shame on you!  
You're obviously not old enough to remember!"
Oxymorons for Our Time #151
Holy Shit!
"The politics of self-deportation are 
behind us," Senator Graham said.
"The politics of self-teleportation are
ahead of us," he added.
Kim Jong-Gun
Box of Chocolates

Box of Eichmann
Warm Scuzzies #381
Dan Halloran
Governor of Connecticut Says Wayne LaPierre Looks
Like Member of Insane Clown Posse
Remember:  the word, 'sarcasm', comes from
 the Greek, σαρκασμός (sarkasmos), which is 
taken from the word, σαρκάζειν (sarkadzein),
 meaning 'to tear flesh, bite the lips in 
rage, sneer'.  We all remember how Doug
Piranha used sarcasm to terrify Luigi
Vercotti, don't we?
"Eleven children and a woman were killed by an air strike 
during a NATO operation targeting Taliban commanders 
in eastern Afghanistan."  Oopsy daisy!
Bad Guy without Gun Uses Good Guy's Gun to 
Murder Good Guy and Commit Suicide Inside 
Police Station