Saturday, November 10, 2018

It is said that rain makes Trump's bone spurs act up.
Trump Said to Be Making French President's Wife Sad
Warm Scuzzies #842
Chris Bush

Friday, November 09, 2018

Trump's Gonna Need More Buses!
Ms. Lindsey Alarmed by the Number of
Women Being Elected to Congress
as Democrats
Remember the last time you hired an Attorney-General
of the United States and you didn't even know him?
Oooh, What a Happy Man He Was
Mr. Kellyanne Conway in Drag
Remember Grizzly Adams?  Well, this is
Grisly Trumpnik.
Matthew Whitaker, or
Crackpot in a Crockpot
Orange Julius Caesar hasn't insulted you yet?  Be patient:
he'll eventually get around to you.
Now we can call Jason Lewis a 'loser', someone
Trump is fond of mocking.
Adventures in Aestheticism #116
Just as news unfavorable to Trump is branded 'fake news', 
votes against Rick Scott are labeled 'rampant voter fraud'. 
There's nothing a Republican fears more than counting 
all the votes.
Trump, the Well-Oiled Media Machine

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Zinke Apparently Too Stinky Even for Trump
On the days he doesn't act as Attorney-General,
Matthew Whitaker acts as an SS officer.
Steve Stockman was the Texas Republican congressman
 who brought Ted Nugent with him as his guest for Obama's 
2013 State of the Union address.
Dana Rohrabacher's defeat made
Putin sad.
Adventures in Aestheticism #115
The Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III Memorial Eclipse

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Kobach to Hell, Kris!
Acting AG Matthew 'Bork' Whitaker
Befuddled Beauregard Surrenders to Desthpicable Drumpf
Mike Pence After He Learned He Would Have to
Swear Two Women into Congress with the Koran
Was Quasimodo impersonating Sarah Huckabee Sanders,
or vice versa?
Even Mississippians can't stomach
Chris McDaniel.
When the dead pimp won in a landslide, the
Christian evangelicals, like the Ethiopian
 eunuch, went on their way rejoicing.

Beto O'Rourke received the votes of over 4 million Texans. 
He should be proud. In the meantime, Ted Cruz won the 
right to remain the most despised member of the 
U.S. Senate.
Yes, Vladimir voted, but Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) still lost.
Dennis Hof Out-Trumps Trump
The Latest in 'Fake News'

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

The Unexpurgated Bible #164
"And the Palestinian David's sling was in his hand: 
and he drew near to the Israeli Goliath."
Steve Huddles with the White Nationalist Brotherhood
 in the ISIS Room
The farther you get from the U. S.-Mexico border, 
the greater the Latinophobia becomes.
Trump Celebrated Dia De Los Muertos This Year by 
Signing an Executive Order
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Taunts
Trump's Bitch
Sean Hannity Sez: “To be clear, I will not be on stage 
campaigning with the President.”
Trump Sez:  "Your questions are offensive a 
lot of times."
[It is not for us to ask, but to obey.]
Trump Distancing Himself from His Pepé Le Pew
Invasion Day
The Excess Soda Theory of
Sarah Palin
The Retrogrady Twins
Yes, We Speak No Americano
Orange Is the New White
The Week Trump's Tanning Bed Was
Out of Service
Newsweek reports: "The III% Security Force Intel gun 
range group urged its more than 22,000 Facebook supporters
 to defend President Donald Trump and to go on the 
offensive 'if commies win Tuesday'. The Three Percenter-
affiliated militia group is the latest set of heavily armed
 citizens demanding a 'Declaration of War' should the
 Democratic Party take a majority in the midterm elections 

Monday, November 05, 2018

Big Head Ted and the Monsters
If it were really true that One Person = One Vote, why did
 Sheldon Adelson drop $113 million on Republican candidates
 for the 2018 elections?
E Stercoribus Unum