Saturday, April 05, 2014

Anti-Government Protesters Deploy Air-Cooled 
.50-Caliber Slingshot
Chinese Ship Hunting for Missing Malaysia Jet Detects 'Ping', 
Still Searching for 'Pong'
This is Pootie-Poot, by George!
Congressman James Moran (D-VA) says he can't live
'decently' on $174,000 a year.  So, the next time you pay
 him a visit in his Washington office, don't forget to hit
 the tip jar on your way out.

Friday, April 04, 2014

At 64 and 6'4", Bill O'Reilly says he would
like to 'beat up' Bill de Blasio, who is 52
and 6'5".  Bring it on, Bill, and don't forget
your loofah!
Pat Buchanan is excited by the prospect of a new Cold War, 
but this time, he and God are apparently on the side of 
the Russians.
"Begone, ye clodhoppers! Not just anybody gets to suck 
my Koch!"
Mole Rat Deploys 'Dick Cheney Defense' 
in Ugly Rodent Trial
Mascot of the Bobby Jindal/Jeb Bush Rebranding Project,
State Senator Elbert Guillory (R-LA) wants you to know
that 'cockfighting' (which he doesn't favor) is not the same
thing as 'chicken boxing' (which he does).
Matt Bevin Featured Speaker at Cockfighting States of
America Rally
"Mr. Secretary, Iraqi blood is dripping on your tie."
He wanted to exercise his freedom of speech by
disagreeing with the Supreme Court, but
every time he opened his mouth, nothing
but money came out.
Marion Anthony 'Fat Tony' D'Amico

Antonin Gregory 'Fat Tony' Scalia
Where Ft. Hood's Mass Murderers Go to Shop

Thursday, April 03, 2014

How could Robert H. Richards IV
not "fare well" in prison?  His face
alone debunks that claim.
World's Worst Yobs #301
Bryan Preston
Director of National Intelligence Indicates Size of 'Back Door' 
the NSA Uses to Spy on Americans

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Koch Industries Buys Naming Rights for
United States Supreme Court
Supreme Court Strikes Cap on Political Donations, 
Sheldon Adelson Buys Entire Republican Party
"A bird in the hand is worth three Bushes!"
New Research Reveals What to Wear 
to Avoid Biting Flies

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

"No, I don't have an alternative to Obamacare, but I do 
have a tattoo of a famous smoker on my upper arm."
Local Father Exhibits Latest in
'Human Shield' Body Armor

The Unexpurgated Bible #97
"Let all crowd surfing be done decently and in order."
"Which one is ours, Daddy?"
The Unexpurgated Bible #96
And then Jesus said, "In my Father's house are
 many $2.2 million mansions: if it were not so, 
I would have told Archbishop Wilton Gregory."
'Ryan Sees Balanced Budget in 10 Years'
'FBI Wants to Know If Robots Are Trading Illegally'
The Cirque de Soleil performer was stunned to learn that the 
CIA had misled the government and the American public 
on the severity of many of its interrogation techniques.
"Here at bildungblog, it's always April Fool's Day!"
Warm Scuzzies #456
Gorden Eden

Monday, March 31, 2014

World's Worst Yobs #300
Frank Camp
"I'm Stephen Peter Rosen, the Beton Michael Kaneb 
Professor of National Security and Military Affairs 
at Harvard University, and I say, 'War is peace and 
peace is war'."

Sunday, March 30, 2014

If the end of the world were to depend 
on the completion of Bob Somerby's final 
line-by-line refutation of the latest article 
from the New York Times, we would be 
stuck here for the duration. But, thankfully,
 it doesn't and we aren't.
"OK, Socrates, define 'grumpy', if you're so goddam smart!"
"Yes, I agree the 'Argument Room' may not be the best place
to be at the moment, so you may want to consider the  
'Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive Room' next."
Disguised as 'The Tunneler', Barack Obama attacks the guy 
who created the 'Top 10 Best Cat Videos of All Time' list.
Sign of the Times #52
Contrary to Sartre, there will always be an exit.
"So, the Pope walks into a bar.  Now, please stop me if 
you've heard this joke before, OK?"
Pastor Kevin Swanson believes Frozen turns kids into
gay witches 

and Noah turns them into boatbuilders.
Before NASA Invented the Maximum Absorbency
Garment System for Astronauts
Flag Desecration #76
 "First of all, I'm not a 'little piggy', and second of all, 
I did not go to the 'market'!"
Chris Christie Meets Privately with Sheldon Adelson to Kiss 
His Ring in the Casino Mogul’s Office in The Venetian
"The iPhone 6 is coming in September with a 
screen size larger than the current 4 inches."