Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mount Baggermore
Mormons are being urged "to fast and pray for Romney for 
24 hours to ensure he will be blessed in the debates."
Too bad God's a Scientologist.
Warm Scuzzies #329
Jeffrey A. Sinclair

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It was a sad day for Mitt Romney when he realized he had 
been tricked into becoming the GOP presidential nominee.
Warm Scuzzies #328
Nathan Sproul
If US-launched drone attacks, which have killed 176
children, aren't 'State-Sponsored Terrorism', then
the phrase has no meaning.
The news that more Americans die from suicide than from 
car crashes was so depressing that more people started
to drive recklessly believing they could beat the odds.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ralph Nadir

Dean Chambers is a 
Bedlamites for Brown Running Amok in Massatoosetts
In a just world, a headline for October 1, 2012 will read,
'Harvard Cherokee Scalps America's Sexiest Paleface'.
Warm Scuzzies #327
Mike Horner
Fearguth heads east today for the
Counterpoint Festival near Atlanta,
Georgia.  As a result, blog posting 
will be light and spasmodic over the
next week or so.   

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sign of the Times #28
And the day finally arrived when political propaganda
 appealed directly to voters, not needing to use 
officeseekers as middlemen anymore. 
Rubik's Cube

Cubik's Rube
Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #425
Mary Franson
World's Photo Retouchers, Airbrushers,
and Photoshoppers Despair of Ever 
Making Iran's President Look Less Ugly
Mitt Romney Sez:  “Well, we do provide care 
for people who don’t have insurance.  If someone 
has a heart attack, they don’t sit in their apartment 
and die. We pick them up in an ambulance and take 
them to the hospital and give them care. They get 
free care paid for by you and me. If that’s not a 
form of socialism, I don’t know what is." 
[Mittens says the darndest things.]
Romney Campaign Admitted to the Emergency Room
Build Your Own Douche Kabob
South Carolina Senator Calls for Mitt Romney to Back 
an Extended US Military Presence in Afgrahamistan
Will the iPhone 5 save us, or
will we still need Jesus?
The Willard Mechanism's Best Friends

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Q:  What is dumber than a Bag of Krauthammers?
A:  Reince Priebus with 'Specifics Coming Out of His Eyeballs'.
David Brooks's Typology of
 Successful Republican Party

1.  Feltboard Guys

2.  Blackboard Guys

3.  Greenboard Guys

4.  Whiteboard Guys

5.  PowerPoint Guys
Peggy Noonan Claims Republicans, like Jim Beam of 
Kentucky and George Dickel of Tennessee, Privately
 Thanked Her for Slamming the Romney Campaign
Recently-Declassified Photograph #31
Center of New Ottoman Empire Moved from
Constantinople to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue