Saturday, December 30, 2017

Don't let the hat fool you. David Clarke started wearing
it AFTER his deleterious heatstroke.
It all got started when Vladimir ordered one of those 
ventriloquist kits from the back of a comic book.
Big Bigots, Little Bigots #125
Mark Hamill
Rightbloggers and Other 
Internet Biohazards #155
The Daily Signal
If you've ever been to Slidell, Louisiana, you understand
how Michael Neu could be a Nigerian prince.
Warm Scuzzies #762
Miri Regev

Friday, December 29, 2017

Trump Delivers the Punchline of the 38th 
Most Offensive Joke  of All Time
Something to Consider #5
Bush's Brain has a higher IMDB rating
than Donovan's Brain.
Infinite Cauliflower
Humming Master Blaster
"It's time to say goodbye to yesterday
This is where the cowboy rides away."

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Paul Nehlen says he's 'Pro-White'.  If he is, why is he
opposed to Paul Ryan, who's whiter than he is?
The animatronic version of Peter Brabeck-Letmathe is
more life-like than the real former chairman and CEO
of the Nestl√© Group.
Roy Moore Asks Alabama Court to Block Doug Jones, 
Call a New Senate Election, Raise Bull Connor 
from the Dead
World's Worst Yobs #393
Ed Henry

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Trump Station, Jerusalem
New Poll Shows Obama Most Admired Man in America,
Trump Most Annoying Orange in the World
If Donald Trump is Winston Churchill, 
then Mike Huckabee is Reverend Diplopia. 
Dweebs, Dorks, and Doofuses #106
Ron DeSantis
'Trump Rips Tainted FBI After Watching
 Fox & Friends Again'
Seed of Murdoch
"I'm higher in the food chain!  Get in my belly!"

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

"On the mouth, Mitch, on the mouth!"
Yes, Inspector Clouseau, pinball is making a comeback.
"Yes, Master," mewled the Trumpnik.
"You understand of course, Ambassador Gingrich, that I 
automatically deduct 10 points for late papers."
Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #714
Paris Dennard
Like an insect long dead, Orrin Hatch is just a dessicated 
moral husk, little more than an exoskeleton.
"Congratulations, Senator Hatch, for your utter lack of
 integrity that rises from your unquenchable thirst for 
power. Now, bow lower."
All Along the Watchtower

Monday, December 25, 2017

When Saying 'Merry Christmas' in
English Is No Longer Enough
Can you remember the time when people stopped saying 
'Merry Christmas'? No? Well, Trump can. He remembers 
lots of things that never happened.
Gift-Wrapped Box of Horse Mnuchin Turns 
Out to Be Stink Bomb
It's the Zombie-Eyed Granny-Starver's Day!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Trump Challenge Coin YOOOGER
Than Obama!
Gubernatorial Hopeful Ron DeSantis (R-FL) When He
 Heard Trump Had Tweeted His Support
“You all just got a lot richer.”
"But didn't you say in the Bible, 'Woe to you that are rich'?"
"Fake news, just fake news!"
Like Mike Pence said, the tax cut bill is a 
'Middle-Finger Miracle'.