Thursday, August 04, 2011

Congress's approval rating now stands at 14%.  What would
happen if it fell to 0%?  Nothing, because the Congress
doesn't represent the American people as a whole.  Both the
Senate and the House of Representatives represent
multinational corporations and the very richest Americans. 
Look at it this way:  86% of the members of Congress
 approve of the way they are grinding you---middle-
and lower-class Americans---into the dust.  It's
called 'Democracy in America'.


Vigilante said...

Congress fulfills the role of Secretariat in the Dictatorship of the Corporatariat.

Fearguth said...

In the 112th Congress, there are 202 lawyers. That's about 38% of 535. Were they representative of the population as a whole, there'd be 114,000,000 lawyers in the U. S. today. Zounds!