Monday, December 19, 2016

Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #672
Bill Chumley


Son of Strom said...

I feel like I should have to pay royalties as a citizen of South Carolina. Our politics are more entertaining than Netflix.
Chumley wants all computers sold in SC to come with automatic porn-blocking capabilities, because, you know, that horse hasn't left the barn and we could forever stop our teenagers from looking at nekkid ladies on-line.
This bozo is from the same area of the state as a recently (thank God) defeated State Senator who had his panties in a wad about male strip shows. He introduced a bill to ban any male stripper from dancing in a speedo while in a "discernibly turgid state." You just can't make this stuff up.

Fearguth said...

My line of Fergusons offloaded in Charleston in 1760. Those Fergusons eventually migrated northwestward, settling in the Pickens County area. There they stayed for over 100 years, until, in about 1890, my great-grandfather Ferguson and some of his family left South Carolina and moved to Grayson County, Texas. By the early 20th century, my grandfather Ferguson and his family had moved across the Red River into southeastern Oklahoma, where both of my parents were born in 1915. I was born in Texas, but I still have some South Carolina in my bones. I suppose that's why 'discernibly turgid state' makes me think of Ben Robertson's 'Red Hills and Cotton'.

Son of Strom said...

Pickens County: the reddest part of the red state of Carolina. Those folks largely sat out the Civil War (they had no affinity for the effete rich planters of Charleston) but they sure love them rebel flags up there now.
Chumley and the worst of our legislature generally come from that area of the state, mainly Greenville and Spartanburg a bit to the east.