Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Did you know Michelle Malkin is left-handed? As such, that
automatically makes her (1) sinister, (2) gauche, (3) maladroit,
(4) awkward, (5) clumsy, (6) a member of a minority, and (7)
a victim of discrimination.
No wonder she has a persecution complex.


Distributorcap said...

i am a leftie
so i must be Michelle Malkin!

tho she might stalk my house to make sure my lefthandness is real

Anonymous said...

I guess it escaped your attention that the current President of the United States is also lefthanded. I guess you will make an exception in his case. Yep, if you're a Lib and left handed you're normal. Otherwise forget it. To quote Mark Levin: GET OUT OF HERE YOU IDIOT!

Fearguth said...


Five Things: (1) Thanks for commenting! (2) When I put up this post, Obama was still a long way from being the President of the United States. (3) The point of this post was to poke fun at the prejudice against left-handedness.
(4)Right-handedness, statistically speaking, is the norm. I'm right-handed, like you probably are. Aren't you glad we're normal? (5) I don't know if Mark Levin is right-handed or left-handed. Either way, anyone who quotes him is an idiot once-removed.