Sunday, December 06, 2009

"Married as I am to Cindy, father as I am
of Meghan, and being as I am a Senator
from the Grand Canyon State, I'm
madder than I've ever been."


Betsy said...

He simply can't control that tongue. Reminds me of a dog I had with a tongue so long it dragged on the floor when she slept and gathered dust bunnies and such. She didn't seem to mind either...So I guess he is ok with it too.

Fearguth said...

Do you suppose he's an unreconstructed tongue thruster?

Vigilante said...

He's a licker, all right! (Should I have spelled that 'liquor'?)

Betsy said...

ohhh, ick, that "Licker" comment suddenly made shivers go down my back.