Saturday, September 25, 2010

Take a look at the photographs in the Republican Party's
A Pledge to America, and you'll see that the document
should have been titled, A Pledge to White America.


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

A pledge to RICH America.

Fearguth said...

Which is 99% white.

TomCat said...

Doc beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

I could not scroll through the doc, which seemed to be blank. There are a number of potential points here:
a) somehow it knows I'm a lefty and won't let me see it;
b) it's a pledge to BLANK America (which just happens to be white);
c) a mistake by the staffer who was instructed to include images of "black" people (or the task proved too much and the staffer went for no image);
or d) as we've all expected, there's no "there" there.

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Didn't realize the actual document was linked here. I scanned it. Nothing new in it. It's the same old Shit (sorry to use that word): The enemy of the GOP is still GOVERNMENT of the people, by the people, and for the people. Their goal is to change our system into a Banana Republic; make it their BRUSA!

Fearguth said...

Anonymous: Do you have the free Adobe Reader installed on your computer? Without it, you cannot view PDFs.

Fearguth said...


Someone has pointed out that not EVERYONE in the photos is white. There's one black woman and John Boehner, who's orange.