Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Unexpurgated Bible #42
"Go ye into all the world, and make friends on Facebook.
He who accepts your friend request shall be saved;
he who doesn't shall be damned."


JerseyCynic said...

I love your site and am a frequent visitor. This is just too perfect! I'm about to enter the facebook world (as a means of fundraising for our local HS music dept.)

May I use your pic and quote for a post at blondesense?

I've also been meaning to do a post on sites of interest (I have yours on the list) I know our gang will love your wit!

Fearguth said...

You're too kind, JC, but keep it up! And I would be honored for you to use anything from my blog. My wife and I were big Band Boosters back in the day. Our two sons have master's degrees in music and are active musicians.

Parents said...

Fearguth is a band booster!! We just morphed into "Music Boosters" last year, combining chorale, orchestra and band. It's just one ffffuuundraiser after another. This is my last kid, so I'm hanging in there another year. One of my older girls almost went into music, but chose nursing instead (she's going to market herself as "the singing nurse").

I tried to get these kids to start blogging. Even set up a music blog for them --

nobody came (I guess they were all busy on "The Facebook"!)

I bet your children are wonderful musicians. How lucky you are.

Parents said...

This is me (JC) signed in on my other music blogger account.
(can you see why facebook might be challenging for me?)

Fearguth said...

In addition to their day jobs, my older son and his wife have a band, The Resonators (

In addition to his day job, my younger son is the conductor of Arkansas Winds (