Sunday, January 02, 2011

"My wife warned me to not even think about canceling our trip
 to DisneyWorld. Those of you who have met Mary Pat will
understand why I always heed her warnings."


StonyPillow said...

Many ask if Chris Christie is of presidential timber. They're barking up the wrong tree, unless they're measuring his wood.

They should be inquiring as to presidential timbre. Now that the Governor's singing the Mickey Mouse song, the question has answered itself.

Fearguth said...

Is this the link you were trying to make, StonyPillow?

montag said...

"Secaucus Fats" probably did the state a favor getting himself and the Lt Gov out of town for the emergency. Now the legislature should do the right thing and dock his pay for taking time off without approval.

Fearguth said...

'Secaucus Fats': now there's a moniker with real possibilities!

Anonymous said...

Was he a ride or a balloon @ the