Sunday, May 29, 2011

What makes the National Debt a much more
effective monster than, say, Snowbeast, is
that you can't see it, hear it, taste it, smell
it, touch it, or feel it.  You can only fear it,
because the National Debt is ultimately
nothing more than an idea, represented
by numbers stored as magnetic bits on a
computer hard drive somewhere in a
very secret, very scary place.


R W Rawles said...

Which of the two is alive?

Fearguth said...

Snowbeast is what happens when a state, like Colorado, doesn't have an anti-bestiality law.

Betsy said...

I sometimes talk mild politics witht the "bag boy" (don't know the correct title" at the grocery store. He was worried about the "National Debt" and I explained to him that if he thought about it the ND would not affect him at all--cuts would. He went away thinking about that.

Fearguth said...

It used to be 'sacker', but who knows these days. Anyhow, good to hear that you're a grocery store checkout evangelist!