Monday, June 04, 2012

As you can see, Laura takes more interesting
drugs than George.


montag said...

George has to get his from a doctor. Pickles gets hers from the help.

Betsy said...

I actually thought that she looked happier and more undrugged at this event than I have ever seen her.

Fearguth, you haven't lost me,I have not missed a thing you have put up. But, I was on vacation for a long time and returned with a torn rotator cuff for which I will have to have surgery and which makes typing very difficult so that is why I haven't been my usual weird self. I will not fail, I am still a loyal follower.

Fearguth said...

Welcome back, Betsy! Happy about your vacation, sorry about your impending surgery. Being unable to type: I would feel like a condemned man.