Saturday, January 19, 2013

Meet David A. Keene, President of the NRA.  
His former wife of 32 years, Diana---David
 has been married three times---went to jail
 for embezzling hundreds of thousands of 
dollars from the American Conservative 
Union, which David chaired for 27 years.  
David's son, who is also named David, has
 spent ten years in prison for discharging 
firearm in a fit of road rage while working
as director of online communications for
the American Conservative Union.  As a
young man, David worked as a politi-
cal assistant to Vice President Spiro
Agnew, who was forced to resign from
office in disgrace.  Mr. Keene, in other
 words, is a paragon of conservative 
Republican values.


StonyPillow said...

Does that make us impudent snobs who characterize ourselves as intellectuals, or just garden variety nattering nabobs of negativitism?

Fearguth said...

Not necessarily, but we could be 'pusillanimous pussyfooters' or 'hysterical hypochondriacs of history'.

zencomix said...

So, you say there's a couple of job openings at the American Conservative Union?