Friday, June 21, 2013

Ungrateful Immigrants

So, Rafael Cruz, Ted Cruz's dad, fought on the side of 
Fidel Castro during the Cuban Revolution and then 
bribed an official in the anti-Communist Batista 
government---a U. S. ally in 1957---in order to get 
an exit permit so that he could come to the United 
States on a four-year student visa and study at the
 University of Texas.  While at the University, Rafael
 met and married Eleanor Darragh, a woman from 
Delaware of Italian and Irish descent.  After graduation, 
Rafael and Eleanor moved to Alberta, Canada, 
where he worked in the oil business and became a 
Canadian citizen.  (Rafael didn't become an American
 citizen until 2005, 48 years after he emigrated from Cuba.) 
During their years as Canadian residents, Rafael 
and Eleanor became the parents of now-Senator Ted 
Cruz in 1970 and, four years later, were granted 
political asylum in the U. S. and moved back to Texas. 
How ironic, then, that the junior Senator from 
the Lone Star State is such an ardent opponent
of a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

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montag said...

In his youth Ted was very impressed by the Christmas tale of the Cabron in the Manger.