Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Patrick J. Sullivan, Jr., former Sheriff of the Year, is being
held in the Patrick J. Sullivan, Jr. Detention Facility in
Centennial, Colorado, on charges of trading meth for sex.
The gods of irony have reportedly busted a gut laughing.


One Fly said...

I did not pay attention this morning very well. I did not like this guy back in the old days either.

These badges are constantly being put on a pedestal and they shouldn't be. Don't like your job then get the hell out of the business. I bet he was a church goer and loved to protect our freedoms with wars.

montag said...

He looks kind of like that guy from Idaho with the wide stance. Any relation?

Fearguth said...

You speak of Larry 'Wide-Track' Craig. You could say they are geographically related, at the very least.

Old Jules said...

Something must have gone wrong in the 'If I go down everyone goes down' brotherhood. Old Jules