Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Hi, I'm Paula Deen! I used to make you salivate for
Confederate Comfort Food. But now that those recipes
have given me diabetes, God has opened the door for me
to shill for Victoza, the diabetes medication I'm now
taking, miraculously brought to Earth by Nova Nordisk!"


Phil said...

So far as I have seen, she is still the butter queen.

If they glued some udders on that woman, they could take out the middle man.

BTW, I am glad you have been having a good time and weren't in in Italy but dammit, we are both going to eventually have to figure out how to put up those delayed posts I keep hearing about.
I will look into that.

I kept finding myself clicking on and off this joint because I knew you were out looking at little hotties and enjoying a bit of really nice weather but old habits are hard to break.

Glad ya had a good time and get fucking busy, after the SOPA black out.


Fearguth said...

Thanks, Phil, for all the kind words. I promise to keep on keeping busy!