Friday, April 20, 2012

Mitt Wit #1
“I’m not sure about these cookies.  Did you make these 
cookies?  You didn’t, did you? No. No. They came from
 the local 7-Eleven bakery or wherever.  Well, I bet I've 
tossed better cookies than these!"


One Fly said...

Rolling along early on this Friday morning and is it ever ugly out there!

Fearguth said...

And this is still the quiet before the storm!

Betsy said...

I bet his campaign staff is still tossing theirs!
What is WITH this man, he is a professional politician!

marlu said...

Was he never exposed to any MANNERS? I can't imagine anyone in my middle income group being that rude to people who offered them some refreshments. Maybe there is no "upper class" instructions in being polite.

Fearguth said...

Vulture capitalists don't have time for 'manners'.